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SXTsq 5 High Power


Low-cost High Power small-size 16dBi 5GHz dual chain integrated CPE/Backbone

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The SXTsq 5 hp is a compact and lightweight outdoor wireless device with an integrated antenna, perfect for point-to-point links or as a CPE unit. It is compact, weatherproof and easy to mount. The SXTsq 5hp retains a 16 dBi antenna like the SXT 5, our previous model, yet the antenna design has been improved and the physical size has been dramatically reduced – the SXTsq is two times thinner. Higher TX power allows to reach longer distances than SXTsq Lite 5.
The enclosure includes slots for directly attaching a hose clamp mount in three different mounting places, with ability to be mounted on horizontal railings. The device includes one 10/100 Mbit ethernet port. There is also an easily accessilble grounding connection to protect it against lightning.
The device can be mounted on horizontal and vertical poles and masts, but for precise alignment, separately available is the QuickMount Pro, which allows to adjust in every angle (see photo and related product).
– SXTsq 5 HP-US (USA) is factory locked for 5170-5250MHz and 5725-5835MHz frequencies.
– SXTsq 5 HP (International) supports 5150MHz-5875MHz range.

Included Parts

sxtsq-lite5-include-1 sxtsq-lite5-include-2 sxtsq-lite5-include-3


Wireless specifications

5 GHz

Transmit power (dBm)

Receive Sensitivity














RBSXTsq5HPnD replaces the folowing EOL products: SXT 5HnD RBSXT.
Frequency 5GHz
Memory 64 MB RAM, 16 MB Flash
Operating Frequency 5 GHz radio
Dimensions 129 x 129 x 34 mm; package: 255 x 180 x 45 mm
Power Supply (PoE) Passive PoE
Interfaces 1x 10/100 Ethernet port
Operating Temperature -40°C .. +70°C
Supported OS RouterOS L4


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