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Ubiquiti Horn 5 30° (Horn-5-30)


Used with the PrismStation AC and IsoStation radios

BRAND: Ubiquiti
MODEL: Horn-5-30
EAN/UPC: 0817882020060

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Interchangeable Isolation™ Antennas for PrismStation™
With a range of different beam widths, the isolation antennas are interchangeable and feature high-performance beam patterns ideal for a range of deployment needs. Used with the PrismStation 5AC and IsoStation radios, these antennas deliver superb co‐location performance without sacrificing gain.
Modular Design
The isolation antennas are interchangeable and feature high-performance beam patterns for a range of demanding deployment needs. Combined with the PrismStation 5AC or IsoStation radio, the system gets maximum gain out of the smallest footprint.
Symmetrical horn antenna
30° version offer breakthrough scalability options for wireless systems. Unique beam performance and great co‐location characteristics allow for a higher density of sectors than traditional sector technology.
Compatible Radios IsoStation/PrismStation
HPOL Beamwidth 30°
VPOL Beamwidth 30°
Elevation Beamwidth 30°
Electrical Downtilt 0°
Cross-Pol Isolation 17 dB
Max. VSWR 2:1
Wind Loading (with PrismStation) 56 N @ 200 km/h (12.59 lbf @ 125 mph)
Wind Survivability 200 km/h(125 mph)


Operating Frequency 5.15 – 5.85 GHz
Frequency Range 5.15 – 5.85 GHz
Gain 19 dBi
Antenna beam width HPOL Beamwidth: 30°
VPOL Beamwidth: 30°
Elevation Beamwidth: 30°


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