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Ubiquiti Sector AirMax 5G16-120 (AM-5G16-120)


BaseStation, AirMax Antenna 5Ghz 120deg. 16dBi

BRAND: Ubiquiti
MODEL: AM-5G16-120
EAN/UPC: 0810354020896
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Sector AirMax 5G16-120

Do you want to broadcast a stronger Internet connection within the campus, building, or neighborhood? Ubiquiti Network, one of the leading and growing brands for networking schemes, meets your requirements by giving you an in-demand and effective sector antenna solution known as AM-5G16-120.

Compatibility with Rocket M5

The AM-5G16-120 has been designed to work with Rocket M5 in order to create a thorough base station. The bundle includes a comprehensive bracket system to make it so easy to attach the sector antenna to M5. It’s strong and durable so it properly secures the antenna without a lot of movement that may affect the pickup or delivery of signals within the network. You can also add a pair of jack sockets (SMA RP), which you can use for radio connections and pigtails for connection with the M5.

2×2 MIMO Technology

The sector antenna uses a 2×2 MIMO technology, which doesn’t just broaden the coverage but also increases the throughput to twice the standard, ensuring that the quality and amount of Internet speed received by various parts of the network are more or less consistent and strong.


The AM-5G16-120 operates on the 5GHz frequency, which guarantees a stronger and better throughput. Though the reach may be lower than that of a 2.4GHz frequency, there’s less interference or noise that can cause fluctuations of signals. This is complemented by the dual polarity ability of the antenna and the RF armor shield that lets you set the radio to a particular signal and maintain it there.

Good Reach

The AM-5G16-120 has a gain of around 15 to 16 dBi and a cross-pol isolation of at least 22 dB. The H-pol beam width is 137 degrees and the V pol beam width is 118 degrees. Electrical down tilt is 4 degrees while elevation beam width is 8 degrees.

Frequency Range 5.10 – 5.85 GHz
Gain 15.0 – 16.0 dBi
Antenna beam width HPOL Beamwidth: 137° (6 dB)
VPOL Beamwidth: 118° (6 dB)


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